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Life Sciences Advice - Writing a Successful Cover Letter

Publiceer datum: 11-01-2018, The Netherlands

The cover letter, also known as application letter, has a lot of misconceptions about its usefulness. In some industries it’s not even obvious anymore to attach a cover Letter to your resume. However, in the Life Sciences industry it’s actually frequently used by employers to make the first selection. And therefore as mentioned earlier in our previous blog it’s an essential tool to sell your resume. In this blog we will share how to use this as an advantage and set yourself apart from other candidates.

Finding Food For The Future

Publiceer datum: 28-12-2017, The Netherlands Food

Meet dulse, a seaweed with a secret. This translucent red alga grows along northern, rocky coastlines of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And its colourful, leathery fronds hide a remarkable flavour. When tossed with oil and fried in a pan, they taste like bacon.

Life Sciences Advice - How to Succeed in Networking

Publiceer datum: 14-12-2017, The Netherlands

Networking can work in your favour to get things you are looking for. However it is not always easy or fun to do, especially when you can be characterised as an introverted person. Although it looks hard to start a conversation with strangers, it is in fact not that difficult. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

What can I do with my Food Science Degree?

Publiceer datum: 30-11-2017, The Netherlands Food

A degree in food science can lead to a range of jobs in sectors as diverse as engineering, agriculture, and health...

Life Sciences Advice - How to Prepare Yourself for a Non-Academic Job

Publiceer datum: 16-11-2017, The Netherlands

Many life sciences professionals enjoyed an academic education, but this doesn’t have to mean that their job will end up in their respective research field. In fact, a big percentage of academics finds a job in a more commercial field of work. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when choosing a non-academic career.

Women in Life Sciences

Publiceer datum: 02-11-2017, The Netherlands

There is a lot of talk concerning the topic of female professionals in Life Sciences. Recently, the British biochemist, Tim Hunt, made a statement about women in labs, which got him fired at the University College London (UCL).

Life Sciences Advice - Asking for a Raise

Publiceer datum: 19-10-2017, The Netherlands

There are some things in life that lots of people will always find difficult to manage and asking your employer for a raise is most certainly one of those things. You spent many of days working away to your best extent and believe that the proper remuneration is in order. These three steps will tell you how you can convince your employer that you are a valuable asset to the company and deserve that raise.

Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Publiceer datum: 05-10-2017, The Netherlands Pharmaceutical, Sales

Does a job with a good salary, a company car, a flexible schedule, generous bonuses and no boss breathing down your neck sound like a dream come true?

Life Sciences Advice - 5 Tips To Balancing Work and Family

Publiceer datum: 21-09-2017, The Netherlands

After finishing your long studies it’s time to get to work. But by the time you finished your education in a field of Life Sciences you are a young adult. And as young adults usually do, they want to start a family. This is, of course, a wonderful thing, but many professionals in Life Sciences experience difficulties combining their career with a healthy family life. 

Biochemistry Jobs - What are the opportunities after graduating?

Publiceer datum: 07-09-2017, The Netherlands Biotechnology

Biochemistry is a collective noun and therefore we’d like to go more in-depth on the sector itself and what the opportunities are. If you are looking for a career at the crossroads between biology and medicine, then biochemistry could be interesting for you. 

10 Differences Chemical Engineering vs. Chemistry

Publiceer datum: 24-08-2017, The Netherlands Chemicals

Both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering are becoming increasingly important and deserve greater public recognition, but they are very distinct. Here’s a list with 10 major differences between these specialisations. Keep in mind that both specialisations obviously also have a major overlap on some points.

5 Mistakes Life Sciences Professionals Make During Their Job Search

Publiceer datum: 10-08-2017, The Netherlands

Are you struggling to find job opportunities? Are you having trouble finding the right path for your career? Are there times at which your efforts for getting the job you like seem pointless? If these issues sound familiar, chances are you’re making one of the following common job searching mistakes:

7 LinkedIn Tips to get in Touch With Life Sciences Companies

Publiceer datum: 31-07-2017, The Netherlands Agriculture & Crop Sciences

With over 347 million registered users, LinkedIn is by far the largest social networking platform for businesses and professionals around the world. So how do you as professional in the Life Siences industry compete with such a large amount of profiles? Just like a business card, the first impression will make the difference between the employer being interested or moving on. We will show you 7 different tips to make your Linkedin profile more interesting and will help you find the job you desire.  

Life Sciences Advice - How to get noticed as a professional

Publiceer datum: 24-07-2017, The Netherlands

Are you looking to advance within a company or for that new challenge to boost your career? Whatever the reasons you have, you will need to be noticed by the right people around you. Be it your current employer or new opportunities elsewhere. In the following article we will tell you the key-points to get noticed by the people that matter in your professional environment. 

Life Sciences Advice - Take control over your own career

Publiceer datum: 11-07-2017, The Netherlands

Are you ambitious and do you have the feeling that you should change the direction of your career path to continue your development?  The following blog will provide you with the fundamentals on how you can take control over your own career path.



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